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What does high maintenance

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What does high maintenance

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Being honest does one of two things: It can either get you what you need check! Turn stuff down. Socialize around a workout schedule.

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Not likely to get sweaty And going out on weeknights? Who cares what they think?

Being high-maintenance can actually make you more chilled out in a lot of ways too. Honestly, people should be flattered you think so highly of them in the first place. Just … :.

You love the outdoors… As long as the day ends in a nice restaurant or hotel spa. You always look put-together. Yes, it takes 3 hours total including getting there and backbut it means I get away with maintenxnce wearing makeup most days.

Being clear about your needs just puts what you expect out there. Are you sure? Sleep massage bushey. Not liking to get dirty Always being late came fourth, followed by spending longer in the bathroom than their other half — taking too much time on appearances also featured.

Your motto? Good for her.


You immediately connect with an awesome coach on text or over the phone in minutes. Constantly looking at themselves in a mirror Constant worrying about how they look and refusing to go camping completed the top ten for men.

You want everything to be up to your standards. Being honest does one of two things: It can either get you what you need check!

You like to feel special and loved, I understand that. Share on Pinterest The most successful relationships, businesses, and life experiences flow when people are honest about what they need.

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I get eyelash extensions every 3 weeks or so. You need money for everything; hair appointments, skincare products, clothes, and rent. What about everyone else?

If that makes you selfish, then we should all try to be more selfish. You need money to feel good.

If your girlfriend raises too many of these red flags, move on.

People accuse you of being selfish. You have high expectations for yourself and others, so when people disappoint you or do something you deem out of character, you get mad. But real talk, if everyone knew the benefits of high pH water, this world would be a better place.

Being high-maintenance, for me, is synonymous with being truly myself. Constantly pouting Need to have their calls answered within a certain of rings 9.

A lot. She loves it SO much, she organizes lsfc links, work, mini-trips, even out-of-town friends and their get-togethers around it. Changes outfits several times a day It eliminates complaining, confusion, and secret resentments. Click play to listen now.

Despite it usually being a term infuriatingly reserved for women, it seems plenty of men folk are seriously demanding in relationships.