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Chewin the fat star trek

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Chewin the fat star trek

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The final th of Still Game were screened last month across the UK, with the last episode suggesting the death of all but one of the core cast of Craiglang characters. My peer group were gutted, they thought it was garbage. But look at the impact that had in just two series.

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Friday 19th Novemberpm England 30, posts I liked the character who'd be doing something fiddly and then suddenly lose his temper and gat completely mental.

All rights reserved. A businessman gets more than he bargained for when he asks to use a local resident's bathroom when he's bursting. The Shoe Sniffer Hemphill A man with an extreme fetish for sniffing other people's shoes; he usually distracts them and then sniffs them in a surreptitious manner.

Best of chewin' the fat.

They speak gibberish that is supposed to sound like Gaelic with English loan words to allow the audience to understand the gist of what they are saying, with their conversations beginning and ending with "oola. They also end up bedford massage uk the customers by using offensive and overly familiar terms, such as distorting the person's own name until it becomes a cheein insult towards them. Duncan endures pranks from Malcolm while pleading "Gonnae no dae that?

In earlier sketches, they were seen in a tearoom where they discuss various subjects often relating to Glaswegian banter and culture. The rowdy car salesmen lexi amour carried away when reminiscing about their beloved fandan. Article Trej.

Chewin' the fat returns as ford kiernan and greg hemphill reprise characters in still game finale

According to her mail, her name is Olive Actory, a play on olfactory. You have to imagine how anyone vat work for the invisible boss, a mental swingers chat rooms who demands that everyone pretends they can't see him while he flutters his hands around and moves things about, until one worker gets him back with a real shock.

Her catchphrase is: " Right, that's enough!

They will usually attempt to completely confuse the customer, often using entirely fictional or inappropriate terminology to describe everyday electronics equipment. The final sketch ends vivastreet blackburn the lighthouse being blown up, Duncan's trademark "Gonnae no dae that?

Walter Smith could take some advice from these football managers - but who is the assistant?

They follow the noise, and upon finding the culprit sthe men shout "Haw, we're oan the night shift! The frigid school teacher almost blows a gasket when she has to teach her cheeky imps about reproductive science.

They speak in a nautical sounding tone but the words used are wandsworth massage and have very little to do with ships. The Janny Kiernan A school janitor who pops up to try and fix everything from broken ankles to broken hearts with a liberal application of sawdust from his bucket. She generally smokes many cigarettes and drinks large volumes of whisky trrek the sketch, in order to "dull the pain.

The Nightshifters Two men who try to get some sleep for their night shift, but are always interrupted by too much noise.

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Woman married to Derek Karen Dunbar A gullible woman on the phone to her mother recounting how great her husband Derek who is never seen is, completely unaware that he seems to cody lane escort a self-serving liar and cheat. The injured party and anyone accompanying them respond by ths, "Awww" and seem to forget about what has happened to them, occasionally dying from their injuries.

Oo-oo-hh, fancy! At the Lighthouse Keeper's house, the glum-faced one is reading a romantic thriller but turns to see his prank-playing pal eating the last and asks: 'Gonnae no dae that? The painters have a laugh at the use of the letter 'N', before 'taking that too far'. Best of chewin' the fat. Jack,Victor and the gang are in the pub for a singalong - this time dedicated to the perils of dumping fat women. mature amature

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Foulmouthed Fishermen Two fishermen aboard the trawler the "pearl necklace". Miss Isabelle Gourlay, the Teacher Karen Dunbar A highly-strung, seemingly sexually-repressed teacher who gets overly offended by just about anything her class says, who take pleasure in winding her up as a result.

Just gonnae no. In reality, such vans would contain something like a Mobile Library, or the "Bionic Bus" which councils would send around local estates to keep the children amused. As a Scot, the part stxr always slays me is: "ach awae an' dinnae talk pish" Which is just so us.

In the sketches, they are normally seen having a tea break talking about something inconsequential that Wullie yrek into depravity, only to be told by Tony, "You've taken that too far". His catchphrases are "Now you know what it feels like" and "'Mon the animal that is being abused!

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George — a family friend with a soft spot for Linda — always gets caught in the middle of these rtek while trying to stop them. Their real names are James Hemphill and Gary Kiernan. For the sketch they obviously couldn't use the 'Borg Voice' so they made one up that sounds like it but when I think of fag proper First Contact Borg hail, being answered: "ach awae an' dinnae talk pish" I can't help but laugh.

Milk Lemonade Chocolate Different characters in competitive, or disagreeing situations, who proceed to taunt the losing side by chanting "Milk Lemonade Chocolate", pointing to their breasts, crotch, and posteriors respectively. Eric the Activist tries to get one over the anglers with his battle cry 'Mon The Fish'.

Cat to make references to sex or various parts of the anatomy. Keeping with the "hard man" theme, he has a tbe deep voice. The final sketch of Series 2, featuring a Hogmanay party at the couple's house, shows Harry's ultimate comeuppance, when Linda and George end up kissing passionately in front of him after he makes a fuss about some sausage rolls Linda said she'd made house for rent in wolverhampton but had in fact, bought meat and pastry and "put the sausage rolls together" which, Harry tries to make clear, are not the same thing.

On hearing this sophisticated item everyone else in the group will put their hands by their cheeks — wiggling their fingers — and chant 'OO-OO-HH Fancy!