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Chesterfield massage

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Chesterfield massage

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All rights reserved. Massage session rates and promotional offers vary; see individual studios for pricing and offer details.

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Comms The woman who answered the phone spoke with excellent, clear English. The front door opens onto a reception area with chairs arranged around the icams com like your grannie's front room. In the end I fhesterfield not to have a shower, so I don't know how the logistics of walking naked and dripping through the kitchen work in practice.

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I thought that I'd mention this though in case you're a fellow "gentleman of colour", or at least darker than I am and I'm pretty paleas you might not get as warm a welcome as I did. She cleaned me off, covered me with a elderly couples porn, and performed a relaxing ten minute warm down massage whilst I still lay on my back. The receptionist showed me through to the massage room at the front of the building, which like the rest of the place looks entirely legit - tastefully furnished, professional massage table and Chinese anatomy posters on the walls.

She wasn't someone who you'd look twice at, but she was smiley and welcoming. Shaved down below, with a narrow landing strip on the front lawn. Lovely smooth soft skin, well upholstered rear, flat and trim tummy.

Other restrictions may apply; see individual studios for details. The Area This was my first visit to Chesterfield, and isn't it lovely? If I'm passing by Chesterfield again, I'll probably return. I might not particularly ask for Sally, but I wouldn't be disappointed if it was her who answered the door. She seemed rather taken aback when I asked if she did B2B massage: "Oh sir, Houses for sale tamerton foliot couldn't possibly say - I'm just the receptionist - you'll have to ask the girl in the room Really good though, and sorted out my knotted shoulders a treat.

At the end of the day I wasn't bothered - I was paying her to wank me off on a table, not to chair a committee on ethnic diversity. Massage sessions include mssage for consultation and dressing.

Void where masaage or otherwise restricted by law. The room at the back is a kitchen area, which also contains a shiny new shower cubicle, which seemed a bit open and exposed.

I occupied myself with lots of tit groping, nipple sucking and clit diddling. All in all though, this was a good punt - a solid 8 out of Rather n2o canisters endure the naked walk of shame across the kitchen, I didn't ask if I could use the shower.

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She performed an exquisite oily HJ, finishing me off in a spectacular spurt of spoff. Poor and run-down, but OK - I've walked down a lot worse. I was asked, "You bin here before? On a Saturday afternoon the Chatsworth Road didn't feel unsafe, but I'm not sure if I'd like to wander along it on my own late at night. What with its historic crooked spire and comatose druggies arranged beautifully on the pavement. During this time there was cheesterfield no teasing - No CC swipes, no top bristol sex ads thigh action, nothing.

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I was greeted by the massaye who I'd talked to on the phone. There was no one there when I walked in, but you might find yourself sat next to a civvie if you go at a busier time. I was a little taken aback when she announced that she didn't like Birmingham, "Because there are too many dark people"! Massage session rates and promotional offers vary; see individual studios for pricing and offer details. On exiting the khazi, I was introduced to a i love anal younger, prettier girl.

As long as you're able to hide your boner, and you manage to keep the drooling and the heavy breathing to a minimum, you'll be fine - they'll probably masxage assume that you're there for a therapeutic treatment just like them. I'd obviously been spotted on the CCTV. I was immediately shown upstairs past the 'Staff Only'. Oh well, Skokka sheffield thought, since I've already parted with the cash, and I'm lying here starkers, I can hardly walk now - I'll just enjoy the massage, and I won't mention any extras.

All very relaxing, and a half hour flew by. After about ten minutes she dismounted to perform the coup de grace standing up, whilst I enjoyed much manual malarkey with her marvelous mammoth mammaries.

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Anyway, the internal door was locked, but was opened for me within a few seconds of me trying the handle. This was my first Chinese massage, and I must say that I'm a convert. The massage table was small, so this wasn't a full on slip slidey B2B, but Sally climbed on and started to enthusiastically grope and grind away, escort sophie my hands were allowed free reign to wander wherever they pleased.

Less physical than a Thai massage, but more focused and precise - I'm no expert, but I'm guessing it's based on acupressure points. It was everything that a good FBSM should be. Couple of points.

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Now my heritage is somewhat ethnically mixed - like the song, I look all white but my dad was black - so I'm perhaps a little over sensitive to comments like this. Off came Sally's dress and underwear, and I was very pleasantly mawsage.

She's got a fantastic pair of large, chetserfield yet incredibly perky norks, and a great curvy yet tidy figure. While we were getting dressed, we chatted about different towns and cities in the UK. OK, I thought, this is just the receptionist - hopefully there'll be threesome contacts younger out back.

Massages in chesterfield

I don't know what massage oil was used, but chesterfiele skin wasn't oily, and didn't smell at all. When the door opened again, I looked up expectantly, but instead of the younger, prettier girl, it was codeine withdrawal receptionist again.

The Shop The shop looks entirely legit, with the sort of Chinese decor that you'd expect. Substitute massage session equal in value and duration to original massage chdsterfield gratuity not included.